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Feeling Nutty: Fruit & Walnut Salad


I’ve been quiet. No worries. All is well. I’m learning to embrace silence. Not every word must be spoken. I’ve also been doing my usual learning and growing thing. Bumped heads make the best teachers, but I’m doing my best to avoid bumping my head. Anything is possible.

When I was in college, McDonalds sold a product called “Fruit & Walnut Salad.” It was literally 5 apple slices, a few grapes, 1/4 cup yogurt & some toasted walnuts. It was only about $2 and was a great snack. I used to eat it as dessert because it wasn’t enough to fill me up by itself. One day, I went to order it and was disappointed when I was told it was no longer on the menu. Who made that decision? Why didn’t they ask me?? I felt this same shock when they removed “Chicken Selects” & their Chipotle BBQ sauce from the menu. I never quite mastered the recipe for those chicken selects and no sauce competes with that chipotle BBQ but I have found my way back to the Fruit & Walnut Salad.

1 Apple meets a handful of grapes, an individual cup of vanilla yogurt, 2 Tbps of walnuts, about a tsp of raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar & they combine for the ultimate fruit salad. I can hardly finish an entire bowl.

I just thought I’d share. Try it!

I am Eryka

Ps. Check out our bell peppers!

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