Steps Ordered

Order calms confusion. Where the is order, chaos can’t wreak havoc. Order in the court. In the Bible, the Psalmist David writes, “Enter into His courts with Thanksgiving & Praise.” For order to exist in the Court of the King, we must enter with our hearts set on Thankfulness. Gratitude brings order to our journey in the kingdom of God. Complaining doesn’t bring order. Questioning doesn’t end confusion. Wandering far off and throwing in the towel doesn’t calm worried minds.

But Gratitude brings order and where there is order, there is progression.

I am walking using the two God gave me to stand on. I am practicing my attitude of gratitude and embracing the rooms it leads me to. I am moving forward, on purpose and my steps have been ordered by the one who made Heaven & Earth.

I cannot fail.

I am Eryka

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