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Fashioned for Passion

Usually, when ‘fashion’ & ‘passion’ are mentioned together, it alludes to one’s love of fashion, however, this post is taking a quite different approach to the same general idea.

As a Woman, I am fashioned a certain way. This means that my creator had an idea and a vision when I was formed. I was pieced together with strategy and purpose.

The human body is fashioned to perform certain tasks such as breathing, walking, and bending of the limbs. It is this way by design.

There is fashion and there is design, but we’re told that ‘In the beginning…’ both male and female were unclothed. Hmmm… Fashioned and naked at the very same time.

I have been paying a lot of attention to my body and it’s form. I am learning which foods negatively affect my skin and internal organs. I am recognizing the harm alcohol and drugs really causes to the body. Needless to say, I am growing up. I have grown up. I’m not a little girl anymore. Puberty hit a long time ago. Debt and responsibility have been acquaintances for longer than I care to admit. The form has also grown.

I was 4 pounds and a whopping twelve ounces when I entered this human life. As I read 200+ pounds on my scale it’s hard to believe I was ever that newborn. But I am her. I grew from everything those 4.12 pounds held. My body has been fashioned to perform certain assignments which calls growth and progress into my life.

It’s impossible for me to stay the same. I am ever evolving. That was the way the creator imagined it. Every reflex, reaction, emotion, and trait stems from the blueprint that brought forth a sweet 4 pound baby girl almost 30 years ago.

It’s interesting.

A tiny, innocent baby grows and develops and becomes exactly what only the creator knows them to be. Not even my mama knew who I would be when her and daddy conceived. No reverend or psychic palm reader can tell me who or why I am – only the creator can.

That leads me to this – each child that enters life has been fashioned, intended and blessed to be precisely what the creator has in mind. Ovulation is such a beautiful and perplexing process. Every woman’s body produces a child each month of their life after puberty. The child is that egg that comes out of no where and travels through our reproductive systems. Whether a male comes along to fertilize that egg or not is irrelevant. That egg is a living cell that has its own experience and purpose even if it’s discarded by the womb at some point.

The female body gears up for reproduction every single day in one way or another. It’s much bigger than arousal or sexuality. Women are literally fashioned to reproduce the Creator’s Passion which is you and I. We’re curvy and alluring on purpose. Our bodies are soft and appealing on purpose. We’re receptive and yet giving at the same time. The creator fashioned us by design to be exactly what we are.

Someday, one of the sweet cells who travel through my womb will produce the beautiful fruit of motherhood in my life. I’m humbled and grateful to be trusted with such an amazing form. It matters not who has mishandled me or even who has rejected all that I am. A crumpled $100 bill is still worth One Hundred Dollars. And unlike the crumpled bill, I don’t look like what I’ve been through but I’ve been fashioned by passion to do phenomenal things.

To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka

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