Become the Rainbow

The Bible teaches us that the Rainbow is the symbol God chose to show Noah after He flooded the Earth, but saved those on the ark, then dried the land. The rainbow in that situation gave the green light. It was the sign Noah and his family needed to move forward in God’s promise to rebuild. The rainbow marked the covenant God made with those who love Him. Today, many believe the rainbow still serves as a reminder that God will never destroy the Earth/humanity by flood again.

When it rains, I search for the rainbow.

I find joy in watching a beautiful array of colors shoot through the sky effortlessly without any help from mankind. One of my favorite rainbow memories happened a few Sundays after the Great Flood of 2016. Louisiana was hit pretty bad. During this time, I was chosen as Sunday School teacher. While driving to church with my mom one of the first Sundays I taught, a rainbow appeared in the sky. I snapped a photo and we went on to church. We receive the books for the next quarter on the last Sunday of the current quarter. This happened to be the last Sunday and when we received our new books, there was a huge rainbow on the front. To me, this affirmed God’s plan for me as a teacher. It reminded me that the same God that spoke to my heart, spoke to the sky, then to the designer of the book just to send me the confirmation I needed to be confident in His promises.

The Weather Reporter has been forecasting rain all week. A few days ago, it rained for all of twenty minutes. I enjoy rain, and it’s been really hot, so the ground could probably use some rain, but it hasn’t quite rained like I’d like it to. Well, as usual, after the short rain on Tuesday, I walked outside to search out a rainbow. I took one step outside the door, there it was; totally obvious and barely visible. My Rainbow.

The image didn’t capture it well, but as I stated, it was barely visible. You can find it’s trace in the space between the two poles in the picture. Most importantly, I saw it. I know it was there.

God has promised never to leave me. He promises to keep me all the days of my life. He promises that He sent my soul to Earth for a reason and He promises to bring that reason into fruition. God promises to be my provider. He promises to be my strength, my joy, and my song. This means He volunteers to be my all in all. He voluntarily listens to me. He volunteers His love. He openly gives and gives and gives to me never expecting repayment. He promises to be my Rainbow with or without the rain.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t see physical rain drops falling from the sky. My soul feels the rain falling. My emotional body is being drenched by the cleansing power of God’s rain. Fruit is being produced in me as a result of the outpour. Even the tears I experience are overflow from the Down-pouring of rain in my spirit. I don’t need to experience rain in the Earth in order to connect with the rainbow of His promises.

Today is stormy. My mind is busy. My mouth is quiet. My soul is working at rest. My memories are neatly tucked in their boxes. My pain is at bay and my balm is at work. I am in the midst of the storm. Depression is the thunder. Anxiety strikes like lightning and the Peace of God is there to drench me like a bursting cloud. I am loving and serving those near to me but I am also detached from everything other than myself. I am at a place of knowing but also curiosity. I have doubts but I’m sure that God will handle even those doubts.

I’m icy and at the same time, in heat. More significantly, I’m on schedule. This is where I have weathered the toughest physical storms. This is where I will see victory over my emotional storms. This is where I rise.

In the presence of rain, sunshine covers my pain, and all of a sudden I became, the rainbow.

I am Eryka.

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