Hello Beautiful, It’s Me

Truth be told, every breathing soul within a human shell battles their own self-esteem at least once in their lifetime. Many humans battle it their entire lives. To those of us who know the battle all too well, I have news for you.

You were born perfect. God mapped you out before He formed you. Sure, man may dislike certain features and may even dare to bully you, but that doesn’t change the fact that you & I are the result of God’s workmanship. Those stretch marks were in the blueprint; so were the freckles. Yes, those 60 extra pounds were happily welcomed by the potter, and it’s time we begin to appreciate, embrace, and see the beauty in ourselves.

The Fashion Industry doesn’t make humans. It makes clothing for humans. It provides jobs to humans. It sets incredibly unrealistic standards surrounding humans & even manufactures mannequins to imitate humans, but…


When He created you, He stepped back, declared it was good, then he formed you in your mother’s womb. Who you are is perfect, even considering your flaws. How so? You grew from a blueprint! Here’s where it gets better:

Once we see God for who He is, receive His son as our savior, and welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts & lives, we become even better versions. If there’s an issue in your flesh that you’d like to change but you just can’t seem to get it done, submit that thing to the Holy Spirit. While I’m busy everyday focusing on Loving like God loves and forgiving because God forgives, the Holy Spirit is busy burning way old thought patterns and bad habits I couldn’t shake on my own. The great thing is, I’m not doing anything for myself, not really.

I saw where I could meet a need a young mother I know has. I began working toward meeting her need the best way I could. Simultaneously, God has added the character, provision and support I have needed in order to accomplish this task. As I have been lending my energy to my loved one’s need, God lends his to me. Actually, I’m only able to extend to her what’s already being extended to me.

See? The comparison game is deadly. The ‘I’m not good enough’ game is equally dangerous. We are the product. God is the producer. It is not our place to tell him his blueprint made an imperfect production. We are his workmanship. We are altogether beautiful & wonderfully made. And WE didn’t and can’t do a thing about it! So, surrender. Let God enhance His creation. He’ll elevate you from perfect to BETTER.

I Am perfectly Eryka

Check out this amazing song! I’ve been singing it for a week now.

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