Hands on Deck

I’m a writer. Writing is totally my thing. I love slogans and acronyms. I love playing with words. One of my favorite phrases is #ProtectYourPearls. I actually did a few podcasts on the subject. Listen here. Anyway, My point here today is:

Your words are Pearls. Pearls are things God put in each of us. Like the jewel by the same name, our pearls are unique, valuable and they add to our beauty. Pearls are the very keys we use to unlock our destiny. Pearls I’ve spoken of before include, but are not limited to, our time, talents, bodies, faith, and so on. Today, I am diving into the power of words and how influential they are to our hands.

Picture this; someone wrongs you. Naturally, it pisses you off. There are thousands of ways you can respond to them; words being one. You go over all the possible sentences and insults you could throw at them to express your discomfort. You could attempt to teach them a lesson or guide them into seeing how they offended you. You could argue and start an even bigger fire. There are many options, but what if you simply do nothing.

From spouses who cheat and abuse us to parents who accidentally harmed us as they did their best to raise us… people tend to hurt people. I’ve experienced pain, so have you. Guess what, the people who have hurt us, have also experienced pain. A bully only transfers to their victim the treatment they’ve received. It’s a cycle. So what happens when the cycle is stopped by the choice to love. Love is silent at times. I believe Love is actually most powerful when it’s silent.

Mouthes can say anything. If we think it, chances are we will also speak it. Not every thought belongs. Experience brought me that wisdom. Being the smartest person in the room doesn’t mean you’re constant correctly other people. Loving folks doesn’t mean telling them off every time they’re wrong. Yes, there is a time and place for correction but correction is God’s responsibility. At times he will use other people to communicate lessons but most times, one human correcting another generally leads to conflict and tension.

God has a way of teaching us all lessons. Call it revenge if you like, but truly what goes out comes back. Words are pearls because they have the power to produce. Negative words call the hands to negative action. Loving words call the hands to loving action. So what if someone talks about you, tries to shame you or manipulates you in some way. If God has given you the wisdom to recognize what’s going on it is so you can bind those wicked spirits but also pray for the one being used by the evil spirits. No human genuinely wants to constantly, consistently & blatantly harm another. Minds who operate that way are typically possessed with demons called “Mental Illness.”

You and I have power when we use the pearl of our words for good. Saying nothing is some times the absolute best use of words. Every argument doesn’t need your attention. Reject the invitation to gossip about other people. Reject the invitation to ‘read’ other people when they write you. Reject the invitation to harass people in an attempt to “prove a point.” It’s much easier to walk away, release the person and get alone with yourself. This is where you can allow the Holy Spirit to mend your wounds. This is where God turns the pain into purpose. This is where you can use your words to produce some fruit. Talking to the one who harmed you may not end well, but God has an open door policy. He’s unbiased. He is the resolver of conflict. He is the provider of peace.

Right now, whatever it is, whoever it is – release them. Yes, you’re hurt, maybe even upset but you will heal, only once you choose to let go.

Try it! I am.

I am Eryka

Ps. If you’re wondering what “Hands on Deck” has to do with this post, it’s quite simple. Thoughts become words and words become actions. Our words are one of the main influencers of our hands. Speak truth and your hands can build righteously. Speak lies and your hands must work in iniquity to support the lie. In my opinion, it’s much easier to speak and build in truth. To God be the Glory!

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