Gifted Imagination

Picture this: It’s Monday morning. You rise just before dawn to welcome a brand new day. You complete your routine, care for your family & then the day really gets going. While you take the kids to gather from your garden, your mate tends to your livestock. In 2018, this may look like the kids going off to school, the mate going off to a business meeting and you running standard errands.

You travel from place to place giving and exchanging goods or services. For a few hours you sit with an elderly neighbor or assist a new mother with her baby. Your work not only comes from your hands but it immediately gives back into your hands. Imagine doing only what you’re individually gifted to do and existing amongst others who are also committed to their natural gifts.

Imagine if people were more willing to operate in their own gifts than they are to exchange currency for everything. What I mean is, what if we didn’t work for industries and we actually allowed ourself to be the industry we were designed to be.

I haven’t ‘worked’ for a corporation since 2014. I was a banker and I was well established. Four years later, I have not been homeless, hungry or without basic needs and many luxuries. How’s that possible when I don’t have “a job”? Well, I write. I draw. I cook. I clean. I am well versed with computers and communications. I’m great with kids. I’m nurturing. I’m a fashion designer. I’m a baker. I’m a coach. I’m a counselor. I sing. I’m an author. I can go on and on and I’m not just saying these things to puff myself up. I’m making a point. I don’t have a job. I am a valuable entity. My existence has the potential to add to other people’s lives which draws them to me and vice versa.

1. God gave me gifts.

2. I tapped in to them.

3. I’m taken care of.

All of this proves that our gifts literally make room for us in the Earth & they have the potential to lead us before great men and to great places. It’s not only a scripture; it’s truth. But there’s a catch… I surrendered my idea of success and how life should be to God. I accepted that His will is greater than mine, even when I cannot see what that is. Following God blindly has tremendously blessed me. Working at a job put a ceiling on my life. When I gave myself over to that corporation, I signed a contract as an employee to receive a set salary. Even when the annual illusion of a raise came around, I was agreeing to the dollar amount they decided upon. Sure, I could just work a second job; maybe even a third, but what quality of life is that?

I reached a crossroads where I had to decide whether I wanted to pursue money, or pursue myself & God’s will for myself.

So again, referring to the picture I painted at the beginning of this post, imagine a world where everyone was willing and bold enough to walk solely in their God-given identity. What would a world look like where everyone is exchanging goods and services and valuing each other more than some printed paper?

This brings me to my final thought. There’s a game that I learned as a kid, Rock, Paper, Scissors. The average human is familiar, but just for the sake of the post, I’ll explain. It’s a game of outcomes. Each player is to choose between ‘Rock’ , ‘Paper’ and ‘Scissors’. Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, and so forth. Well, Money is paper. In that game, all money (paper) is good for is being destroyed and covering up rocks.

What’s funny is that’s pretty much how society views money. It’s a means to accomplish something; most times destroying something or gain by covering something. Paper is not a valuable resource. Is it useful? Sure, but so is courtesy, respect, joy, and kindness. The emphasis should be on the beautiful aspects of human life, not the decorative distractions that can be obtained in the course of life.

Money has never and will never be as valuable as people.

So people… why do we literally sell ourselves for this piece of paper? We can argue all the things that money pays for, but I am proof that money isn’t the only way to access the fullness of life. Actually, I have found more fullness without an obviously, labeled form of income. I am valuable, therefore I attract things of value; money just happens to be one.

I digress. More than anything, I want my people: regardless of nationality, skin color, bank balance, religion or political party, to stand up, wise up & rise up far above the standards set by the world and achieved by money.

Money is not everything. You are.

I am Eryka

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