May has been a very full month. I am grateful. I’ve written a lot. I’ve given a lot. I’ve taken in a lot. I have received.

God’s Fullness completely covers my suffering. Sure, suffering sucks, but the Glory of God is greater! I’ve been shown this. I’m better because of this. Basically, I’ve experienced a day of joy & great glory, but there were also a few moments of suffering. Staring at the close of today, I am glad to report that the goodness of the day was just so much bigger and better than the moment that brought me to tears.

Word to the Wise: Go there, but don’t stay there.

I went there. I felt what I needed to feel. Tears fell. I connected with God, and I kept moving. I could have stayed there. There have been times where I did stay there. Today however, I did not.

Whoop Whoop!

So I am declaring an official holiday. On Saturday may 26, 2018 I witnessed the glory of God & allowed it to be greater than my suffering. This is my very own victory & I celebrate myself! This is success. This is progress. Anybody can make money. Anybody can earn degrees.

Can you rise, though?

Can you get up on purpose and decide to be more focused on experiencing the goodness of God than carnal pleasure or happy feelings? Can we be more grateful and less butt-hurt? I believe we can. I volunteer to go first.

Let’s win! That’s what Victors do.

Freedom happens at the threshold of fear. We must feel fear in order to step into freedom. Fear is actually a type of door/gate, and as the image above illustrates, it’s an open one. We can choose to remain on the side of the door where fear rules or we can dare to step out into freedom. It’s time to choose.

Bye-bye, fear!

I am Eryka

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