Seafood After 5

I love to cook. It excites me to bring random ingredients together to make a tasty meal. One of my favorite experiments is Pasta. I enjoy all types of pasta. I particularly love lasagna & seafood dishes.

This post is dedicated to what I have named “Seafood, After 5.” It’s a cream based sweet pepper sauce with crawfish and shrimp over bow tie noodles. It’s delish! I used American Cheese, Half & Half & Sweet Peppers for my sauce. The “After 5” refers to the Bow tie pasta, of course. Even pasta likes to dress to impress.

Cooking can be therapeutic. Try your hand at something yummy. Not only will you fill your belly, but it’ll also nourish your soul.

(Side note: For whatever reason, when I eat seafood during the summer I itch and some times get hives, so I either avoid or eat it with medication. Just a random fact about me.)

I am Eryka

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