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Hey You!

Welcome to SELF CARE 101! Let’s be honest; life doesn’t come with a manual and Biology doesn’t tell us everything about taking care of ourselves. Self Care is an online process of discovery. The more we dive into the process, the more we discover. The more we discover, the better we’re able to love ourselves.

On my journey I have come to many forks in the road where I had no clue how to proceed. Sometimes podcasts and blogs were helpful and other times I had to rely on the word & spirit of God. This post is to help anyone who has come to a place during their journey to self discovery where you’ve run out of ideas. I don’t want you to give up on yourself because the Earth needs you. I need you, so be encouraged. We can do this!

Show Yourself Some LOVEusing the following suggestions,

– Speak kindly to and about yourself.

– Carve out time to be alone with yourself.

– Spend some time in silence. Take note of what you think and feel.

– Surprise yourself with spontaneity and new experiences.


– Look in the mirror and smile until you mean it.

– Allow yourself space to feel and time to respond.

– Be honest with yourself & about yourself to others.

– Ask for the help you need; Ask for whatever you need.

– Give yourself the gift of grace; actively forgive yourself.

– Learn something new. Teaching yourself builds trust and reliability.


– Depend on yourself and always follow through.

I take a lot of photos mainly so I can refer back to them. When I need to smile, a slew of selfies always does the trick! When looking at old pictures stops working, take new ones. Not feeling photogenic? Fill your brows and put on some lipstick. You won’t be able to stop yourself from snapping it up.

I am Eryka

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