journal, poetry

My heart still beats

A poem by me.

You can say I’m being petty

You claimed to care, but not really

I told you my insecurities and apparently you weren’t hearing me

What happened to the days where you couldn’t breathe if you weren’t near me?

Where did all the time go you promised to spend with me?

You promised to be a friend to me

You misused words like Love & “Meant to be”

I mean I would love to know what you meant, see

You said you’d found your wife yet you neglect me so easily

I mean effortlessly without trying all all

You went from “I always want to hear from you” to not answering my call

I tried. I mean I really stuck my chest out and stood tall

Every time you asked me to trust you, I did with my all

And now all I have are memories of what you claimed would be

Reminiscing about that one time I thought I had claimed my dreams

Playing on repeat every lie you sang to me

Said you wanted me for always, in all ways

On top of me between my legs, you pumped your lies inside my head

And I fell for it

After all I have survived, I fell for it

After reclaiming my life, I believed you

As you were explaining your lies, I received you

I’m angry but mostly at myself

I should’ve known better than to think you were different from the rest

You called me wife, but obviously you weren’t ready

Asked me to Love you then refused to hold your heart steady

Said you want a help meet, I tried to assist and you wouldn’t let me

So now I’m done trying. It’s best that you just forget me.

I am Eryka

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