En Route: Purpose + Process = Promise

Promise is the destination. Purpose is the (driver) reason. Process is the vehicle. Neither is good on its own. The promise needs purpose in order to have meaning and the vehicle can not be driven without a destination in mind or plan in place. We are much better than a man-made vehicle, yet the same applies.

Purpose + Process = Promise. You can’t have one without the other. Here’s why:

• God’s plan is definite. He created the blueprint. He sees the final product. I wake up every day because God’s plan is already in place. I wake up and follow God’s voice so that His plan can be perfected.

Perfect doesn’t mean without flaw or error; it refers to the creator’s idea when He made you. Every day is another step toward the totality of God’s one plan.

• I was sent here to work with God. My gifts belong to God’s purpose. Sure I can use them however I please, but unless I obey God’s voice, I won’t reach God’s Destiny for me.

Consider the process of a growing family building a brand new home. The husband and wife started off as two separate bodies. Two different mothers birthed two different babies into two different families. They grow. They evolve and eventually meet each other. They court. They marry. They experience their first home together followed by the births of their children. Career changes happen. Disappointment occurs. Finances fluctuate. Finances become stable. Family outgrows first home. They seek financing and locate property. They purchase the property, but they can’t move in immediately.

While they legitimately own the property and have need for the house, process must take place. So, the land is prepared. Utilities are added. Mapping happens. A foundation is laid. A frame goes up. Soon, a house appears. The family furnishes the house and finally months, sometimes years later, the family moves in and Voilà! The house is now a home.

That didn’t happen the moment the couple met. It didn’t even happen the moment the ink dried on the mortgage papers. The house only became a home when timing and process met the need.

The second half of this is about assignment. I am not referring to the actual task of starting a family and building a home. I speak to the one who receives the assignment to do the becoming and building. There’s a Bible story in 1 Samuel 13 where King Saul made an offering but it didn’t work the same as Samuel’s offering. Samuel had been anointed for this purpose, not Saul, so although the location was correct and the items to be offered were prepared, the wrong person touched the assignment.

If we are in school and I do your homework, but you get the grade, the outcome is faulty. Sure, you’ll get the credit, but you didn’t learn. Saul performed the sacrifice but didn’t get the result. It wasn’t his homework. God knows who He assigned to certain tasks and He will step in and cancel anything out of order. He loves us that much.

So back to the process… Is it fun? No. Is it easy? Never. Will you feel lost? Probably. Have bad days? Surely. But if you don’t quit, you will arrive at the promise and God will still be right there with you. God does not lie. Purpose does not compromise and the process must not be avoided. Press on and see just what the calling leads to.

Listen to the Princess. She knows what she’s talking about!

I am Eryka

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