Sharing is Caring

Ever been in the middle of a lesson or experience and thought to yourself, “I’ve got to tell someone else about this!” Well, that just happened to me.

I am the proud owner of an Intex 14 x 42 Metal Frame Aboveground Pool! *insert confetti* The setup was a breeze. The instructions are simple and clear to follow. Even the ladder was easy to assemble. It took about ten hours to fill the pool, then I added the chemicals and got my mermaid on.

That was almost two weeks ago. Rain happened. The cover somehow flew off one night and branches went skinny dipping in my earthly oasis. I was upset, but duh right? It’s outside. Thats what outside does. Wind blows. Limbs fall. Leaves float. Obviously I purchased the necessary kits and tools and prepared to clean my pool.

Mind you, I am nearly 30 years old and in all my years I’ve never had to assemble anything because M&D always handle that for me. It was more than challenging trying to achieve this task alone but I had no choice, seeing as Mom is under the weather and Dad is as unbothered as they come these days. I had a tantrum in my head because, “this is haaaarrrdddd!” Can we say, #PrincessMoment ?

But I persevered and got it done! My pool is now clean and ready for me to enjoy it once more. The entire process inspired me to write this blog for anyone who may purchase a new pool and have no idea what happens between setup and the swimming.

First things first. I love Amazon! I purchased almost everything for the pool from there. The pool chemical kit is here, & maintenance kit here. I found the product on Amazon, but eventually purchased my actual pool from Academy because it was on sale! #Winning! Nonetheless, Amazon has it in stock also.

My cleaning catastrophe involved everything from the vacuum coming apart in the water to me having to dive into the pool to retrieve the hose and other parts. I was severely frustrated at the amount of leaves that refused to float to the top causing me to Scuba-dive for debris. This led me to looking up something that would help with this step in the future. What I found is an underwater robot type vacuum that walks around the floor of the pool collecting debris. Find it here.

While I have not used it, yet, I look forward to receiving and using it on my next round with the pool. For now, surfs up! This mermaid’s got some swimming to do.

I am Eryka

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