OUR Father

It’s Father’s Day! Balloons, gifts, dinners and cards and bbqs for Dad are everywhere I look today. I like it! Men don’t get enough credit. Sure, there are many male humans that can be blamed for many issues in life, but not enough of the good ones are celebrated. Not all men leave their families. Not all men cheat. Not all men lie. Not all father’s are abusive or controlling. Some are present, patient, and purposely trying to great examples. Kudos to them!!! This post is dedicated to every child of every father, present or not.

Even if you’re not a weekly church attendant, I’m sure you’ve heard the story about The Prodigal Son. He left His father’s home in pursuit of more. He wanted to be on his own. He wanted to build his own legacy. Simply put, He just wanted his own… and I dare ask What’s wrong with that?

There’s no issue in a young man coming of age and wanting to embrace manhood with his all. Obviously his father had set quite the example because the son was inspired to go acquire what he saw his father have. That wasn’t how God wrote the story. The son decided to venture out, so his father gave him his share and Dude left. Soon his resources ran out. His legacy didn’t appear as quickly as he expected it to and he found himself amongst the pigs and they had food, but he didn’t. The son went from being taken care of in his father’s house, to moving out on his own and making it for awhile, but eventually the guy came to the end of himself. He did all he could. He learned all he could. He got all he could, but it wasn’t enough because that’s not how God wrote the story. The son ended up humbling himself and going back to His father’s house.

Failure? Far from it. The scriptures say that before the son made it to his father’s house, the father ran out to meet him and began restoring all the son had lost. The son didn’t quite have that legacy he sought after, but he had provision. The son found safety and a place in His father’s home. The world didn’t have that to offer him.

Moral of the story? God’s timing beats age. Culture says 18 is grown and 21 is really grown, so most kids reach a certain age and fly out the nest. Looking at the current state of America alone, I wonder how much different things would be if kids remained in their Father’s care just a little while longer. I wonder how much better the Earth would be if Fathers stuck around to raise men who would become Fathers and if sons respected their father’s enough to stick close to them.

This quote is tricky. Sure, get your own, but it belongs to God before it ever belonged to you. Mama may have, & Daddy may have, but they’d have nothing if God hadn’t first given it. Start with what God has. It opens the door to that which can become yours.

I have three brothers; two of which share my father. I’ve watched one avoid him completely, another follow in his foot steps, and another took bits and pieces from my father’s life and created his own. They’ve all had Prodigal Son experiences. At one point during my youth, all three of my brothers lived at home with my parents and I, and all three of them were past “adult age.” Like the guy in the scriptures, they recognized that when life had knocked them down, they could get up, even if it meant going back to Daddy’s house.

Going back, and going backwards are different journeys. Going back means retracing steps to get to a place where forward becomes possible. Going backwards is simply moving in the opposite and often wrong direction. There’s no forward in backward, but going back can propel us forward.

Are you willing to go back? Yes, again! God isn’t judging you or holding you to some unrealistic standard of maturity or identity. God says you are His Beloved. God wants you. God has place for you. God has made provision for you. God has prepared for you. God remembers you, so will you go back home to God?

He’s waiting.

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, Mr. Willie Jackson Sr. He is not perfect, but He is mine and He has been there through every peak, pit and valley of my life. I am grateful to know Him, and honored to be of Him. Thank God for Fathers!

I am Eryka

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