Follow the Leader

Submission. I can feel you cringe as I write this. I know; submission sucks, but it’s not suppose to. Submission brings order. Submission sets the boundary for the head and provide direction for the tail. Submission helps life flow. That said, it’s time we stop being so afraid of submission and take it for what it is: a gift.

Everyone wants to follow. Hardly anyone wants to truly lead. You probably expected me to say that “Everyone wants to lead,” but I know that’s untrue. Sure, on the outside there’s the superficial appearance of leadership. There are titles, positions and degrees which denote what is assumed to be ‘leadership,’ but a leader is more than a label. True leadership stems from the posture of ones heart. Leaders are selfless and focused, and no outside force has to make them be that way. They are that way because they recognize the significance of their own identity and purpose and how it immediately effects those around them.

Leaders don’t care about recognition.

Leaders aren’t in it for finance.

Leaders don’t hold their authority over the heads of their followers.

Leaders give more than they take.

Leaders show up when no one else does.

“A game of ‘Follow the Leader’ only works if the leader has a clear vision.” – ErykaIAM

Think about it, followers follow because they’re in search of a specific outcome. Whether it is following a certain artist because their music affects your soul in a certain manner or following a certain politician because their platform supports something personal to you – We follow because we want to get somewhere.

Following the leader only works if the leader is actually going somewhere. I believe it’s time for the real leaders to stand up. The counterfeits have had their go; now it’s our turn. Leadership isn’t about election or popularity. Leaders don’t lead because they’re chosen to, but simply because they know it’s who they are. There’s a huge difference in being chosen, and being created. An empty beer bottle can be chosen to hold flowers, but a vase was created to do just that and it does so perfectly.

Are you following when you should really be leading? Moreover, are you in the position of leadership and are merely pretending? Either way, time is almost up, so step up. A bottle isn’t a vase for a reason.

I am Eryka

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