Sum of HER

Eight babies grew in her womb

Ate at her table

And drank from her bosom

She reared them all to value family

She loved their father so fiercely none would dare disrespect him

From the sun’s rise to it setting

There is no forgetting

Where it all began

And where it all leads

All belong to the same hands

Some are close while some are far

Nonetheless, we are all the Sum of Her

Written by #ErykaIAM

My mother’s parents were married in 1951. She came the very next year in 1952. Being the youngest child of my grandmother’s oldest child is quite the gift. She nurtured all 7 of her siblings and they’ve passed bits and pieces of that care on to me. This past weekend, all 8 siblings and their families joined together for a Booker Family Reunion.

How great is God! They’re all healthy and happy. Most of them are enjoying their retirement years by loving on their grandkids and traveling. They’re still smiling, dancing and remembering. They’re still feeding on the love they first tasted in Grandma’s bosom, and I get to witness it.

I didn’t have much time with Grandma & Grandpa. I don’t remember them actually, but I know them through their children. Some of what I’ve come to know about them is:

They loved family and being together.

They didn’t mind working hard for what they wanted and needed.

They value each other more than stuff.

They raised their children, themselves.

They learned that the secret to life is effectively using your God given gifts to succeed.

They were forgiving.

I know this because I’ve experienced this from the aunts and uncles that were once their babies. The reunion was everything, literally. We ate well, laughed hard, swam, danced & took family pictures. We reunited and it truly does feel so good!

I Am Eryka

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