Go Above & Beyonce

Who has your worship? Worship is attention. Worship is admiration. Worship is priority. Worship is how we exalt someone or something. As I look around my country & at the internet, nothing gets more worship than superstars, namely The Carters.

Riddle me this: Have you ever seen a church going Apesh**?!

Absolutely Not. Because we wouldn’t dare worship God the way we worship our superstars & false idols. Although Jesus actually deserves it! Everybody always knows what’s going on with Beyonce whether she tells us or not. If everyone is listening to media and musicians, who is giving their ear to God?

They say you’ll know a tree by its fruit. Well, You’re a tree. Im a tree. What comes out of us is the fruit. Evaluate your fruit. Either you’re with God, or against Him. There is no gray area or middle ground. It’s Life, or Death & guess what?

“You shall have no other Gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

The choice is yours.

Check out three amazing songs I listen to in my private time with God.

Here I am to Worship (William McDowell)

Here is My Worship ( Phil Thompson)

Forever (Jason Nelson)

I am Eryka

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