Knock Knock Faith

Knock Knock Faith

Written by ErykaIAM


I believed even when I couldn’t see

So I received when God spoke, “Let it Be”

But I’m not here to boast about me

Compared to He I’m merely a small fiber in a great tree

Don’t you see

The Lord has done great things

The slave bore the free man

There’s rage No more due to The Great I AM

And because He is, you are

Where He lives is not that far

You just go into that secret place

And wait patiently for the Father’s face

His eyes are on you and His ears are open

Prayer is where we go boldly asking and receive the tokens

Knock knock…

I’m at the door

Demanding the greatest Jesus bled for

I have emptied my storage to be fill by Yours

God I am here to be filled once more

And we don’t stop there

We pray when we’re joyful and again when we’re scared

We pray to the Holy One not the God of fares

We don’t buy shares on the stock market because we are the true heirs

This Love is monogamous, we don’t make time for affairs

Our Father who Art in Heaven

Thank You God for your name

Our bread is all Holy, no leaven

And we feast until we’re satisfied without shame

Knock knock…

Knock again

I know you heard me

So let’s not pretend

My Lord He fights for me as I sit here still

Righteous and Victorious because that’s my Father’s will

Knock knock…

Knock again

I know you see me

All things are shown to me

God’s grace has grown within me

Mercy and Favor are a crown to me

I wouldn’t dare ask that you bow down to me

But at the sound of His name, down goes every knee

Knock Knock…

Who’s there?

Jesus Christ. I hope you’re prepared.

I am Eryka

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