What’s in A Name?

May 18th of 2014 while driving from Louisiana to Texas, I spoke a prayer and received an audible response from the Holy Spirit. Years have passed. People have entered my life and left, but I have not forgot the response to that one prayer. I asked God to show me the name of the man… Continue reading What’s in A Name?


Knock Knock Faith

Knock Knock Faith Written by ErykaIAM 7.12.18 I believed even when I couldn’t see So I received when God spoke, “Let it Be” But I’m not here to boast about me Compared to He I’m merely a small fiber in a great tree Don’t you see The Lord has done great things The slave bore… Continue reading Knock Knock Faith


Go Above & Beyonce

Who has your worship? Worship is attention. Worship is admiration. Worship is priority. Worship is how we exalt someone or something. As I look around my country & at the internet, nothing gets more worship than superstars, namely The Carters. Riddle me this: Have you ever seen a church going Apesh**?! Absolutely Not. Because we… Continue reading Go Above & Beyonce


Sum of HER

Eight babies grew in her womb Ate at her table And drank from her bosom She reared them all to value family She loved their father so fiercely none would dare disrespect him From the sun's rise to it setting There is no forgetting Where it all began And where it all leads All belong… Continue reading Sum of HER


Silent Sufferers

If I'm honest, when I need to speak up, I don't. When I feel the weakest, I hide. When I need companionship, I pull away. When I desperately need to be heard, I go silent. Anxiety is real. Depression is way too comfortable. But Loneliness... the loneliness is crippling. Easily soothed by calling a friend… Continue reading Silent Sufferers


Follow the Leader

Submission. I can feel you cringe as I write this. I know; submission sucks, but it's not suppose to. Submission brings order. Submission sets the boundary for the head and provide direction for the tail. Submission helps life flow. That said, it's time we stop being so afraid of submission and take it for what… Continue reading Follow the Leader


Hey Ladies!

Most ladies are familiar with "The Proverbs 31 Woman." Even ladies who don't know how to be here know about her. She's one of the only detailed standards of a Godly woman. She cooks. She cleans. She loves. She forgives. She sews. She shops. She's an entrepreneur. She's a gardener. She's a mother. She's attentive… Continue reading Hey Ladies!


OUR Father

It's Father's Day! Balloons, gifts, dinners and cards and bbqs for Dad are everywhere I look today. I like it! Men don't get enough credit. Sure, there are many male humans that can be blamed for many issues in life, but not enough of the good ones are celebrated. Not all men leave their families.… Continue reading OUR Father



...This is for those out there who call me fat Who leave a path of lies then cover their tracks Those reliving my past as if I'm trying to go back Those who don't have because they don't ask while I enjoy the joy that they lack And if it's true that me and you… Continue reading Blurbs