Gifted Imagination

Picture this: It's Monday morning. You rise just before dawn to welcome a brand new day. You complete your routine, care for your family & then the day really gets going. While you take the kids to gather from your garden, your mate tends to your livestock. In 2018, this may look like the kids… Continue reading Gifted Imagination


I am magic

My hair defies gravity & my skin absorbs sunlight. I am magic. I don't know about you, but I'm all about joyful days and peaceful nights! God is faithful. Not every moment is perfect, but when I fight for and protect my peace, I get to experience God's best. All is well. #FAITHoverFear I am… Continue reading I am magic


Hands on Deck

I'm a writer. Writing is totally my thing. I love slogans and acronyms. I love playing with words. One of my favorite phrases is #ProtectYourPearls. I actually did a few podcasts on the subject. Listen here. Anyway, My point here today is: Your words are Pearls. Pearls are things God put in each of us.… Continue reading Hands on Deck


Hello Beautiful, It’s Me

Truth be told, every breathing soul within a human shell battles their own self-esteem at least once in their lifetime. Many humans battle it their entire lives. To those of us who know the battle all too well, I have news for you. You were born perfect. God mapped you out before He formed you.… Continue reading Hello Beautiful, It’s Me


Become the Rainbow

The Bible teaches us that the Rainbow is the symbol God chose to show Noah after He flooded the Earth, but saved those on the ark, then dried the land. The rainbow in that situation gave the green light. It was the sign Noah and his family needed to move forward in God's promise to… Continue reading Become the Rainbow

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Let the tears flow…

Today is May 16, 2018. Two years ago my big brother Eric went to live in Heaven. I was fine. I was okay. I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t remembering. All of a sudden the moment just came. Mom has on a shirt I bought from the airport the very last time I visited him at… Continue reading Let the tears flow…

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Fashioned for Passion

Usually, when 'fashion' & 'passion' are mentioned together, it alludes to one's love of fashion, however, this post is taking a quite different approach to the same general idea. As a Woman, I am fashioned a certain way. This means that my creator had an idea and a vision when I was formed. I was… Continue reading Fashioned for Passion


I’m convinced

People don't really care. Emotions can be sucky. Life can be tricky. People are just... people. I wish it were possible to exist without people, but I'm a person. Life was made to be shared with... you got it, people. My prayer is currently, "Lord help me exist amongst your people." I feel stranded on… Continue reading I’m convinced