Top of the morning to ya!

Mornings are iffy. Either they go great, or they drag on. Today, I grabbed my morning by the antlers and it's going great! "This morning when I rose, yea... I didn't have no doubt! I know the Lord would take care of me. I know the Lord will provide for me & He will lead… Continue reading Top of the morning to ya!


Hello Victory

I am enjoying this day. It is very cold outside. The Weather Report boasts of freezing temperatures in the coming days. It is definitely Autumn in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! What a gift, considering the sun typically takes over every season down south. So I am embracing the nippy, chilly, breezy days as they come. Around… Continue reading Hello Victory


Sitting Pretty

When it comes to being Eryka, no one does it quite like I do. I have spent so much time listening to and speaking with myself. I know what ticks me off. I know what makes me smile. I know that I'll shed a tear or two watching Grey's Anatomy & I watch it anyway.… Continue reading Sitting Pretty


Sunday Brunch

I woke up sick. Fun times. I stayed home from church this morning because the way I feel combined with the current weather is not a good match. Today, I am thankful for central heat and a warm bed. I am grateful for a kitchen and groceries. Though I am under the weather, I am… Continue reading Sunday Brunch


Passing Moments

“She made plans with her husband.” That was my response to my mom when she asked how come I was back home after leaving less than forty-five minutes earlier. I styled my hair, obsessed over an outfit that would be warm yet stylish, and even lined my eyes and threw on lipstick. I’m not upset… Continue reading Passing Moments


“That’s that sh— I don’t like”

I'm not sure who first said it, but I've heard it spoken far too many times - when someone repeats bad behavior; when the server gets the order wrong; when the phone company decides to overcharge. It is often said. "That's that sh-- I don't like!"This may not be a common cliche where you're from,… Continue reading “That’s that sh— I don’t like”


In His Presence

Nothing has more power to hold one to their past than an ex lover. The attachment that romantic relationships provide is unmatched. Romantic partners will cross entire seas and switch continents just to be with the one they love. Television and movies display this well. Real life? Not so much. I had not realized the… Continue reading In His Presence


Honestly, not

"They" say "honesty is the best policy." I agree, but tell me, what good is honesty without communication? I've noticed that humans intend to say or do things, and often times they simply fail to follow through. It can be argued that good intentions matter also because it's the thought that counts, right? Eh, I… Continue reading Honestly, not


Love, Eryka

I just thought you could use a smiling face and a word of encouragement. I'm case you have forgotten, you are incredible. There is no one more fit to live your life than you are. Tomorrow will take care of itself; embrace today. Keep your eyes and your heart open. God can do anything, but… Continue reading Love, Eryka

food, home


I combat my emotions with an apron and some flour. Recently, I tried a new recipe for Hobo Bread. It's a yummy, nutty loaf that's great for a snack or breakfast. I found the idea on Pinterest, but the original Baker is TheSouthernLady. I had all the ingredients and I figured it couldn't be too… Continue reading Yumm…